Thermal Transfer Label (TTL)

Thermal Transfer Label (TTL)

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  • Colored Labels.

    Color Labels

    We can provide any type of Labels mentioned below

    1. Barcode Labels
    2. Plain Labels
    3. Labels Sheets
    4. Print Labels (Up to
    Five Color Printing with
    lamination & UV varnish)
        5. Ticket Printing
        6. Wristbands
        7. PVC, OPP & PET Label
        8. Direct Thermal Label
        9. Security Label
        10. Care Label

    Specialist Suppliers of Flexographic Label. The flexographic label printing process is best suited to larger production runs, simpler designs and color combinations up to 4 colours where special effects are not required.

    Benefits Of Flexographic Label:

    • Flexographic Label is quality printing using a range of papers and inks for all different types of product labelling.
    • Very economical printing method. The printing method of choice for many industrial applications.

    Benefit From Flexographic Label Printing:

    • We do not have a comprehensive catalogue or price list as 95 of our work are custom printed label, with unique combinations of sizes, shapes, materials, adhesives, finishes and colours. Therefore the first stage of sourcing your flexographic label is to contact us for your free sample pack or a quotation.
    • If you do not know what type of label you require, then let our expert support staff guide you through the design and specification process free of charge! If you would like further information on flexographic labeling or flexo label then you can contact us now for free flexographic label samples or a free quotation.